Euchre Pilsner-  5.5% ABV- Euchre is a true Pilsner style beer – medium-light bodied and crisp yet bursting with noble hop flavor perfectly balanced by a pale malt base. Authentic German-style pilsners are not bland or watery and ours pushes the category boundaries just a tad.

Mr. Delicious Double IPA– 9% ABV- This beer leads off with a stiff round-house punch of citrusy hops, follows up with a quick kick of bready malts and warming alcohol, and finishes with a powerful and lingering bite of complex layered hops. 

Jackhammer Old Ale- 8.25% ABV-  This high gravity traditional old ale combines a warming sensation with a rich malty sweetness for an outstanding initial complexity. Fruity esters, hints of hot buttered rum, burnt caramel, and a subtle chocolate covered cherry quality dissolve into a dry spicy finish with a robust hop counter balance.

Espresso Love Breakfast Stout- 6.7% ABV- The Original Breakfast Stout! Oatmeal and 20 pounds of fresh roasted coffee from the Ugly Mug Café contribute to a mildly chalky espresso character balanced by a rich, sweet creamy maltiness. Coffee finish dissolves into chocolate with a slight roasty bitterness.

FigJam Quadruple w/ Figs– 10.75 % ABV- Nothing gets you in the holiday spirit quite like this FIGJAM QUADRUPLE with it’s warming alcohol, light sweetness, figgy undertones, dark dried fruit flavors of raison dates, hints of fresh baked bread, and a beautiful dry finish that leaves you wanting more. 10.75% ABV 35 IBU

Strawberry Blonde-  7.7% ABV, Rich and flavorful medium bodied beer with a fresh, floral strawberry aroma. Citrus, spice, and fruit are blended seamlessly for a subtle yet distinct flavor that never turns too sweet.

Rare Beer:
MAFKA Barrel Aged Sour- 5% ABV- Inoculated barrel  staves were pitched into a vat of specially blended beer (58% Khatta Kala Sour Stout, 36% Hothaus Harvest Ale, 6% Velvet Hammer) and left to age for 18 months. The results proved to be wildly successful (pun intended!). The scent of rich, black cherries on the nose carries through to a delicate mouth-feel on the palette, and a mild, sweet-tart finish with newly unleashed oak tannins. 


Arcadia Logo - Kzo BC

Porter Rico- 6 % ABV- Take a trip to the lost island of Porter Rico, where the cacao and coconut live in harmony and frolic the sandy shores. Our island getaway takes the form of a dark, chocolatey beer, with a balancing sweetness, medium body, and lingering mouthfeel. Intense toasted coconut rides the trade winds for a truly exotic, yet comfortingly familiar pint.

Loch Down– 8.5% ABV- Our tribute to the Scottish Highlands, this beer offers a gorgeous garnet color joined by the aroma of ripe plums and freshly-baked biscuits. The rich, full-bodied texture reveals notes of roasted chestnuts and caramel in the smooth single-malt style brew. Balanced with just the right amount of hop character, this beer delights with crisp alcohol finish.

Cheap Date– 4.5% ABV- If you’re looking for uncomplicated fun, look no further, you’ve got a Cheap Date. Whether you’re relaxing shore-side, hitting the competitive lawn game circuit, or just enjoying the seasons and all their splendor, there’s never a bad time for our refreshingly hoppy session ale. Keep it casual and just enjoy the moment with this standby of high drinkability. Pairs well with grilling out, hanging out, and being out – all the “out”s. Cheap Date is a pale gold ale with a fine white head and a gorgeous aroma mirrored by its flavor, overloaded with tropical Citra hops, citrusy Simcoe hops, and the perfect malty balance.

Hop Mouth– 8% ABV- This remarkably balanced brew has a deep amber hue with a generous white head. Hopmouth showcases a rich, toasty flavor and sweet caramel notes because of the high-quality Maris Otter malt used. The hops are up front in the aroma, reminiscent of citrus and pine, while the resin-like flavors linger well after the last sip.

London Porter– 7% ABV- Travel to a time of brewer’s lore, when smoke was spelled “smoake,” when dark beers held the collective hearts and minds of the people of merry old England. Believe it or not, back in the 1850s, Porter ruled the beer world, and no one brewed Porter like the brewers of London. Drawing their water from the Thames, blending old and new batches, and experimenting with new types of malt, Porter evolved throughout the years, and probably at one time held some substantial smoakiness. Arcadia’s London Porter draws on this rich historic tradition, but adds a few special twists to make it all our own. The flavor of London Porter is multi-layered, starting with a bold, pleasing sweetened coffee richness, which gives way to round and subtle smoke, much like a delicately smoked ham. Porcine sweetness is capped by a gloss of fig jam or cherry compote, fruity and complex. Faint pear and hay notes barely poke through, reminders that there are some delightful American Glacier hops under all the finery.

Rare Beer:
Battle Kriek– 8% ABV- 
Battle Kriek is a blend of a light Golden Sour Ale, a kettle soured Cherry Ale, a batch of our Apollyon Belgian Golden Strong, and a Golden Saison. All of these beers were aged in oak barrels for 8-18 months. Arcadia’s Brewers tasted every barrel project in the house to come up with a blend of 36 unique oak barrels from these 4 varied batches of beer. The combined flavor profiles of wood and light biscuit, tropical and citrus fruits, and a classic farmhouse funk were mixed with 1,200 pounds of Michigan cherries! Pinkish ruby in color with a slight haze and light pink foamy head, this American Wild Ale/Wild Specialty Beer comes in at 7.4%. Aromas of cherry pie, citrus zest, peaches, and pastoral settings mirror the flavors of tart cherry pie, acidity from wild fermented sour cherry champagne as well as tropical and citrus fruits. A very dry and slightly tannic, thin mouthfeel balances with bright fruit and citrus acidity.

06 Ascension Brewing Company - color version 1


Jade and Silent Bob- 11% ABV- Imperial Rye IPA dry hopped with Mosaic and Pacific Jade Hops.

Juicy, I’m Home- 6.4% ABV- NE Style IPA

15 Mile Porter- 4.8% ABV- Coconut, maple and almond porter served on Nitro!

I Need Gorillaz- 10.8% ABV- Spiced imperial stout with vanilla bean and coconut.

My Strong Hand- 14% ABV- Belgian dark strong ale.




Vanilla Java Porter– 4.5% ABV – With a beautifully crafted, copper cored English style porter at its heart, Atwater’s Vanilla Java Porter tips its hat to the modern audience with the addition of vanilla and a specialty coffee extract that is locally produced and designed to be absent of burnt flavors. The beer, vanilla, and coffee tuble together, enhancing the smooth latent natures of each.

Decadent Dark Chocolate (strong brown ale / chocolate ale)- 5.0% ABV- Holding true to the Northern English tradition, the Decadent Dark Chocolate Ale has at its foundation a nutty profile with a round mouthfeel. Added is a chocolate extract consisting of three blended chocolates of varied depth. The result is a rich, but not overly sweet, experience for both the beer and the chocolate enthusiast.

Better Life Choices IPA– 7.5% ABV- Unfiltered, Michigan style IPA made with Centennial hops and dry hopped with zithos hops. Huge grapefruit notes.

Barrel Aged Salvation Cypher– 11% ABV- Bourbon Barrel Aged Oatmeal Stout.

Rare Beer:
Hell’s Winter- 6.5 % ABV- Habanero flavored stout. The heat hits you right away.




Sculpin IPA– 7% ABV- A trophy beer that’s a testament to our homebrew roots. Our Sculpin IPA is a great example of what got us into brewing in the first place. After years of experimenting, we knew hopping an ale at five separate stages would produce something special. The result ended up being this gold-medal winning IPA, whose inspired use of hops creates hints of apricot, peach, mango and lemon flavors, but still packs a bit of a sting, just like a Sculpin fish.

Mango Even Keel– 3.8% ABV-  The perfect balance of fruit and hops. Our Mango Even Keel is the ideal beer for easy drinking. This hoppy, session ale gets a flavor boost from mango, which perfectly plays off the citrusy hop bouquet. With fruit, hops, and a low ABV, this beer truly is on another level.

Peppermint Victory at Sea– 10% ABV-  A winning combo of coffee, vanilla & mint. This Peppermint Victory at Sea is a festive take on our popular Imperial Porter. We took our trademark robust porter brewed with Caffe Calabria coffee and vanilla and added a dose of refreshing peppermint. The trio of flavors play perfectly on your palate – the brew’s sweet roasting balances nicely with a cool, minty finish.

Cinnamon Raisin Commodore – 6.5% ABV- A stout with some spice. Our Cinnamon Raisin Commodore is truly a story of experimentation. Originally a gold-medal winning American stout first born in our R&D program, our brewers developed a new variation, adding cinnamon and raisins to this dark, bittersweet brew. The result is just the right amount of sweet and spice, with roasty maltiness at the helm.  




Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 12.46.40 PM



Luna– 6% ABV- Wheat Saison. A crisp and refreshing saison-styled bee with notes of citrus.

Oh, The Citranity!– 5.4% ABV- Session Pale Ale. A citra pale ale with a nice, grapefruit aroma and slightly bitter finish.

Barrel-aged Serendipity Porter– 7% ABV- Aged in both Rye Whiskey and Bourbon barrels from Grand Traverse Distillery, and then blended together highlighting chocolate and vanilla notes throughout the beer. 

More to come…!



Two Hearted- 7% ABV-  Brewed with 100% Centennial hops from the Pacific Northwest and named after the Two Hearted River in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, this IPA is bursting with hop aromas ranging from pine to grapefruit from massive hop additions in both the kettle and the fermenter. Perfectly balanced with a malt backbone and combined with the signature fruity aromas of Bell’s house yeast, this beer is remarkably drinkable and well suited for adventures everywhere.

Oatsmobile- 4.3% ABV-  Aromatic. Approachable. Unique. Intriguing. Happy-go-lucky. Full-bodied. And we’re not just talking about the horse. This hop-forward session American Pale Ale uses a blend of classic and modern Pacific Northwest hops, including Mosaic, Ekuanot™ (formerly Equinox) and Glacier, for a pungent blend of peach, mango and tropical aromas. The signature ingredient – oats – are what makes Oatsmobile Ale stand apart, and gives it a body that you don’t see in most other sessionable pale ales.

Winter White– 5% ABV-  An alternative to dark and heavy winter warmers and stouts, Winter White is a stylish and refreshing Wheat Ale. Fermented with a Belgian ale yeast, this blend of barley and wheat malts yields a mixture of clove and fruity aromas, all without the use of any spices. Deliberately brewed to retain a cloudy appearance, Winter White is a beer for embracing winter.

Bell’s Specialty– TBD 

Hopslam– 10% ABV-  Starting with six different hop varietals added to the brew kettle & culminating with a massive dry-hop addition of Simcoe hops, Bell’s Hopslam Ale possesses the most complex hopping schedule in the Bell’s repertoire. Selected specifically because of their aromatic qualities, these Pacific Northwest varieties contribute a pungent blend of grapefruit, stone fruit and floral notes. A generous malt bill and a solid dollop of honey provide just enough body to keep the balance in check, resulting in a remarkably drinkable rendition of the Double India Pale Ale style.


Petoskey Stoned- 8.5% ABV- This beer was originally called “magpie” and our Brewer, Ted, won at the 2015 TC Summer Microbrew & Festival Homebrew Competition. This beer has a golden appearance with a reddish hue and is packed full of hops leaving behind notes of citrus, grapefruit and melon. This beer is sure to satisfy the taste buds of hop heads and with its crisp taste and great drinkability will gain some new fans along the way. 

S’more Porter- 9.5% ABV- BMB’s “”Namesake”” Porter made with all the fixings of a smoky malty S’more prepared over a blazing camp fire made with milk chocolate, graham crackers and a mountain of creamy marshmallows. We garnish this beauty with a flaming marshmallow. Caution – be sure to blow out the fire before you indulge in our namesake.

Maybe I’ll Catch Fire- 5% ABV- This spicy take on our American Amber Ale is a perfect blend of heat while still offering some nice flavors. Amber and caramel malts lend its hand in giving its color while select yeast and fresh grapefruits leaves behind a citrus mouth feel.  Try this straight or in our special Bloody Mary.

Juniper Saison- 5% ABV- Fragrant pine, pepper & citrus notes.






















Final Absolution– 10% ABV- Belgian Tripel. Very high gravity beer is balanced by the smooth finish. Banana and clove aromas come from the Belgian yeast strain combined with the generous dose of Belgian Candi Sugar. Gold Medal Winner at the 2006 World Beer Cup.

Castlebrite Apricot Wheat– 4.7% ABV- This Apricot Ale uses an apricot puree as well as Pale Wheat malt to bring about this wonderfully refreshing brew. This beer starts with a subtle sweetness and slight apricot flavor, and finishes with a palate-cleansing tartness.

Sin Eater– 10% ABV- Belgian Dark Strong. One of the most elusive of the Belgian styles. Dark, sweet and rich with notes of caramel, raisins and dark fruit. This style was consumed by the Belgian monks to help them make it through the long cold winters.

Jul O1 Ale– 5.8% ABV- Norwegian dark spiced ale great for sipping. spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg.









Chocolate Peanut Butter Stout– 5.9% ABV- A rich, creamy delight served on our nitrogen tap! There’s no wrong way to drink it!

Winter Warmer-  7.1% ABV

Equinsu Ocha (White IPA)-  6.6% ABV

There And Bock Again (Doppelbock)- 8% ABV





Azacca IPA- 7% ABV- Named after the Haitian God of agriculture, the Azacca hop has an intense tropical aroma with hints of citrus and mango. A touch of caramel malt gives a sweet backbone to support the righteous fruit character of this beer. Pouring a burnt orange color and registering at 7.0% ABV, your taste buds will worship this heavenly, hopped delight.

Breakfast Stout- 8.3% ABV- The coffee lover’s consummate beer. Brewed with an abundance of flaked oats, bitter and imported chocolates, and two types of coffee, this stout has an intense fresh-roasted java nose topped with a frothy, cinnamon-colored head that goes forever.

Lizard of Koz- 10.5% ABV- This one is near and dear to our hearts. Brewmaster Jeremy Kosmicki wanted to make the birthday of his little sister, Liz, a special one. So he did what he does best and brewed a stout using a few of her favorite ingredients: fresh Michigan blueberries, rich chocolate and vanilla aged in bourbon barrels to round out those beautiful flavors. Liz was floored and we think you will be too.

Curmudgeon- 9.8% ABV- Think classic seafaring ports, local pubs and weathered old fishermen. This old ale is brewed with molasses and an insane focus on the malt bill, then oak-aged. The result is a rich, malty delight that’s deceptively smooth and drinkable.

Red’s Rye – 6.6% ABV- Serious hop bitterness, along with an unyielding grapefruit bouquet from the Amarillo dry hop, balances the malty richness of four varieties of imported Belgian caramel malts. Pours a spectacular crimson with a creamy tan head. A generous addition of rye malt accentuates a spicy, crisp finish.

Rubaeus– 5.7% ABV- Pure Raspberry Ale. Optimizing the flavor of fresh raspberries, Rubaeus is Founders’ way of celebrating the joys of summer year-round. This stunning berry-red masterpiece is the perfect blend of sweet, tart and refreshing. No question about it, this beer is 100% Founders.

Rare Beer:
Mango Magnifico– 10% ABV- High Gravity Mango Habanero Ale. Mango Magnifico is a high-gravity fruit beer brewed with mango and a touch of habaneros to add just the right amount of heat. The delicate flavors imparted by the sweet richness of the mango are punctuated perfectly by the subtle heat of the habaneros, proving that fruit beers do not have to be one-note. Each 750mL bottle of this 10% ABV ale is both sophisticated and refreshing, making it the perfect beer to share… or to keep all to yourself. Mango Magnifico is part of a long lineage of Founders’ fruit beers, including Rubaeus, Cerise, Blushing Monk and Big Lushious.

Rare Beer:
Backwoods Bastard
– 11.6% ABV- Scotch Ale aged in Bourbon Barrels. Expect lovely, warm smells of single malt scotch, oaky bourbon barrels, smoke, sweet caramel and roasted malts, a bit of earthy spice and a scintilla of dark fruit. It’s a kick-back sipper made to excite the palate.





Smashbomb Atomic IPA– 6% ABV- Smashbomb’s first aroma shockwave hits your face full of the strangely explosive Citra hops. Packing a real fruit punch, Citra adds grapefruit, lime, melon, mango, and papaya notes to the Smashbomb Atomic hit boosted by the citrus beauty of the Cascade hops. But don’t be fooled by all this talk of hops. An IPA needs a strong malt backbone, so mad additions of Victory and Crystal specialty malts ignite the fiery body of this 6% ABV IPA adding a blooming trail of bready malts in the dry atomic afterglow.

The Chocolate Manifesto– 10% ABV-  Triple Chocolate Milk Stout. The Chocolate Manifesto is our definitive statement on beer and chocolate. Unfermentable milk sugars, or lactose, gives this classic Milk Stout voluptuous body and velvety mouthfeel.

Acadian Groove– 10% ABV- Maple Porter, made with Ontario maple syrup. Tantalizing aromas of maple, sweet roasted malts, and slightly earthy hops are layered upon the plump bouquet of split vanilla pods with toasty undercurrents of light coffee and chocolate. The undeniable warmth of this 10% ABV beer embraces the promise of Spring with a lingering maple finish.

Paranormal– 10% ABV-  As if the cult of brewing with pumpkin wasn’t already an unexplained phenomenon, the Flying Monkeys have created a rich, mesmerizing Imperial Pumpkin Ale beyond explanation. Irresistible impulses drove us to dump pumpkin in our kettle and douse the brew with exotic warm spices haunting our brewhouse with the toasty aura of Autumn

Juicy Ass IPA– 6.5% ABV- Delicious combination of citrus and tropical hops backed by a sweet malt backbone.

 Graceland Too White IPA-  6.5% ABV- Collaboration with Propeller Brewing from Halifax, NS.

Wheat Two Color on Blue-sm

Chillwave Double IPA- 9% ABV- Inspired by the North Coast’s dedicated (and sometimes chilly) surf community, our Double IPA will melt the ice in your beard and never lose its balance.

Blackout Stout- 9% ABV- Bold and dark as a power-less metropolis, our Russian Imperial Stout commemorates the infamous 2003 blackout that briefly left some 55 million people utterly unplugged.

Ohio City Oatmeal Stout- 4.8% ABV- Dark and roasty yet light and smooth as a fresh coat of snow, our Oatmeal Stout will kick your cabin fever and inspire you to toss another log on the fire.

Conway’s Irish Ale- 6.5% ABV- A pint for Pa Conway! Our co-owners’ grandfather and policeman who’d likely uphold that an Irish Ale with full-bodied caramel malt flavors is just the ticket.


Jolly Pumpkin REV

Porcupine de Amore- 7% ABV- The first ever Jolly Pumpkin and North Peak collaboration! Oak aged passion fruit IPA blended with a sour red ale and aged for 5 months. Sour and fruity!

Weizen Bam- 4.5% ABV- Dry hopped sour wheat farmhouse ale.

Calabaza Blanca- 4.8% ABV- Aged in large oak casks and refermented in the bottle, Calabaza Blanca is brewed in the Belgian Biere Blanche tradition. Spiced with orange peel and coriander, you’ll find it refreshingly tart, with a wonderfully dry finish. 

Oro de Calabaza- 8% ABV- Brewed in the Franco-Belgian tradition of strong golden ales. Spicy and peppery with a gentle hop bouquet and beguiling influence of wild yeast.




The Fluffer™- 4.5% ABV- Session IPA – This is a beer we brewed for us. This lower-alcohol, sessionable IPA features all the bright citrus and pine intensity in the aroma and flavor, with a lighter mouthfeel than bigger beers. Oily and bold, yet brilliantly balanced. Light bready notes are accentuated by firm citrusy hop character as the beer fades into a classic dry finish. The Fluffer boasts both full flavor and drinkability. If you like big hoppy flavors, but want to last all day, you need The Fluffer. “Can’t get enough of that wonderful Fluff!”

Thumper™- 4.5% ABV- Coffee Beer – Fresh-brewed Eastern Market Blend coffee from Germack Roasting was blended into our flagship session IPA – just enough to add flavor and aroma without altering the color or body. Coffee is a perfect flavor complement to stouts and porters, but a light-bodied sessionable IPA? Crazy, right? Notes of blood orange with a hint of roastiness offer an interesting interplay of flavors, alongside slightly bitter, citrusy hops and a toasty malt base. While The Fluffer is a cute little bunny, Thumper is his wide-eyed, high-energy cousin. Caution: this beer does contain caffeine.

DRIPA (Double Rice IPA)™- 9.5% ABV- Double India Pale Ale – Our flagship and most-sought-after beer, DRIPA won a Gold Medal in the IPA category at the 2012 World Beer Cup, the biggest commercial beer competition in the world. Huge citrus hop character in the aroma is followed by a medium-high bitterness, balanced surprisingly well with cereal malty notes. The signature of this beer is the brilliant clarity, and the crisp, dry snap at the finish, thanks to a very time consuming cereal mash with American long-grain rice. This is a BIG, intense beer that boasts BIG drinkability with no heat, despite the high alcohol content.



IPA– 6.2% ABV- Ruthlessly Delicious. A well-rounded, highly drinkable IPA. A bit of Caramel Malt barley provides the richness that mellows out the twang of the hops.


Undercover Investigation Shutdown Ale- 9.5% ABV-  Our malty and rich beer with a snappy hop finish truly defies style…Imperial Mild?…Uber ESB?… We do know for sure that it is Unforgiven and Unrepentant.

Cappucino Stout- 9.62% ABV- Brewed with boatloads of roasted coffee in each batch for that extra Krunk… this Mondo Coffee Stout will leave you wondering whether you’re coming or going. Available in 22oz bombers mid-winter…ish.

Brown Shugga- 9.8% ABV-  We believe this Special Ale is Something Unique. Feeding Brown Cane Sugar to otherwise Cultured Brewery Yeast is a’kin to feeding Raw Shark to your Gerbil. It is unlikely to ever occur in nature without Human Intervention. And it looks weird besides. But it has happened and now it’s too Late.




Lucifers Cuvée- 8.4% ABV- Dangerously devastating, Lucifer’s Cuvée is our Double Chocolate Oatmeal Stout. Intense hearty rye, along with a decadent gourmet chocolate essence, are balanced by the addition of Cascade hops.

Cosmic Charlie- 4.8% ABV- Pale Ale

Party at the Moon Tower- 8.4% ABV-  Double IPA

Auld Tallywacker- 10% ABV- Barley Wine



Monkey Fist Brewing Co. is a new Traverse City Brewery, located in the soon to be completed State Street Marketplace located at 329 State Street Traverse City, MI 49684 and is scheduled to open June 2017. Our flagship, Monkey Fist IPA will be available year round. Monkey Fist IPA is the genesis of a new generation of IPA. The traditional elements of a classic English IPA have been redefined by American craft beer innovation. Monkey Fist IPA is an edgy, aggressive and unique style. Pale Ale, Malted Wheat, Munich, Crystal and Caramel malts and Warrior, Glacier and Cascade hops produce a beautiful copper colored West Coast style IPA with great balance! Monkey Fist IPA has an ABV of 6.2%.




Train Wreck Amber Ale- 8.2% ABV- American Amber Ale brewed with Michigan honey and maple syrup.

Steam Engine Stout- 6.4% ABV- Traditional Stout with roasted & chocolate character with a sweet, smooth finish. (Award Winning Stout)

Iron Horse IPA- 5.6% ABV- Brewed with three varieties of hops and four hop additions.

Railyard Raspberry- 5.6% ABV- American wheat beer made with 100% all natural raspberries.

Sacred Gruit- 5.8% ABV- Hop-less Pale Ale brewed with three unique herbs, including marsh rosemary, sweet gale and yarrow. (Award Winning Herbal Ale)

Ryteous Rye IPA- 6.5% ABV- Amarillo, Columbus and Saaz hops combined with caramel malts and flaked rye. Yuh dig?  (Brewer’s Reserve)

Love Potion- 6.9% ABV- Brewed to provide extra energy and happiness using a blend of berries, herbs and spices. (Seasonal)




Fat Tire– 5.2% ABV- Fat Tire Amber Ale was born from a well-planned bicycle trip through the beer-loving Belgian countryside. Like its Belgian brethren, Fat Tire pours a brilliant amber and settles a strong white head atop. The aroma is all biscuit and caramel apples. Fat Tire’s flavor goes toasty and gentle, with a flash of bitterness to round things out. This beer stands up in a perfect balance of malt and hops as it enhances every occasion and meal. Grab some bottles to share because Fat Tire pairs best with people.

VooDoo Ranger IPA- 7% ABV- Bursting with tropical aromas and juicy fruit flavors from Mosaic and Amarillo hops, this golden IPA is perfectly bitter with a refreshing, sublime finish.

VooDoo Ranger 8 Hop Pale Ale- 5.5% ABV- Brilliantly balanced for easy drinking, this pale ale is packed with citrus and tropical fruit flavors from eight different hop varieties.

Rare Beer:
Clutch Imperial Sour Stout- 8.5% ABV- Clutch is a sour fury stout that deploys wood-aged sour tartness alongside brooding roasted malt complexity. Born from a common interest in thrashing, New Belgium’s wood cellar team and Maryland-based band Clutch first joined up in 2011 to make this dark-than-black, genre-bending Lips of Faith release. With both the brewery and the band celebrating 25th anniversaries in 2016, we ventured into the darkness one more time to bring this beer back from the void. Clutch storms the sense with deep cocoa, biting roast, and a fruity funkiness from a blend of sour Oscar pulled specifically from French oak foeders to complement the heavy stout base. Submit to the darkness and discover what’s Clutch.






Dragons Milk Rasp/Lemon 2015– 11% ABV-  Michigan raspberries bring depth to Dragon’s Milk, framing its chocolate tones and contrasting its dark, roast character. Lemon zest excites and brightens the fruit flavor.

Cabin Fever- 6.2% ABV- Cabin Fever is a roasty brown ale and a hearty, comforting companion for long, mind-bending winters. 

Hoptronix- 9% ABV- Hoptronix 1-ups the game with its eye-popping bitterness. Mosaic hops give this IPA a dank aroma, yet it finished smooth and crisp. 

Black Tulip- 8.8% ABV- Mysterious, alluring and seductive, yet tantalizingly elusive; these are the storied characteristics of the Black Tulip. 



Nickel Brook Brewing Co_revised identity

Bolshevik Bastard– 9% ABV- This Russian Imperial Stout is made especially for those who aren’t afraid of big and bold flavours! Brewed to warm your heart in the dark of winter, we blend Roasted, Chocolate and Crystal malts to evoke rich flavours of cocoa, toffee and dark fruit. This sweetness is then counterbalanced with aggressive hopping, giving rise to this remarkably smooth drinking Russian Imperial Stout. Nazdrovje!

Naughty Neighbour APA– 4.9% ABV- Sometimes our neighbours are too enticing to resist! In this case, our award-winning American Pale Ale pays homage to our naughty neighbours to the south. For hop lovers, the huge citrus and pine aroma greets the nose and continues on the palate, leaving a remarkably easy drinking beer with a crisp, dry finish. We pack all this great flavour into a drinkable 4.9%ABV brew, making it perfectly refreshing all year round!




Mellow– 7% ABV- Mellow is more than just a beer, it is Northern Michigan brewed a bottle. It embraces the lifestyle of slowing down and focusing on the beauty of this magical place. Brewed with Michigan cherries and hibiscus, this higher gravity ale has the sweet iconic flavors of the North. Mellow is fruit and sweet with a hint of tartness.

Diabolical– 6.66% ABV- American IPA. An aggressively hopped IPA, with a nice caramel sweetness. This brew features multiple hop additions (including local Cascade, Chinook & Willamette) which provide an abundance of flavor & aroma. Citrus, pine, mint, and floral notes can’t be missed while enjoying this North Peak flagship beer.

Stormy Oat IPA- 6.7% ABV- This style is full of haziness along with dry/late hop additions to create a juicy mouth feel with citrus, piney notes unlike any other IPA. Brewers favorite.

Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout- 9% ABV- Rich, thick and dark imperial stout aged in freshly emptied bourbon barrels to enhance it’s dark color and intense aroma of black currants, roasted coffee and cacao.




Bean Flicker– 4.5% ABV- Blonde Ale. Looks can be deceiving! This satisfying simulation of self exploration is sure to surprise your pallet. It’s an extremely smooth sessionable coffee blonde. So light a candle and enjoy the adventure this beer has to offer.

Hop Gobbler- 5% ABV- The hop fairies have taken charge on this extra pale ale. A well balanced ale with loads of flavorful hops.

Rare Beer:
Rye Hipster Brunch Stout- 11% ABV- Our Hipster Brunch with some rye malt added. Aged in Rye Whiskey Barrels.

More to come….


Screen Shot 2013-08-12 at 10.33.39 PM











Javatose– 5.4% ABV- Coffee Blonde

Good Mooed– 4.8% ABV- Roasty and chocolatey with just enough sweetness. The addition of lactose makes this a full bodied, full flavored easily drinkable delight!

Citra Warrior– 9.3% ABV- Hop heads unite! Our favorite hop, Citra, is on display here! We’ve added plenty of malt and locally sourced honey to this beer. The malt and hops battle throughout, but the hops prevail. Trust us, it’s an enjoyable battle!

Empty Shells– 5.6% ABV-Empty Shells is a Peanut Butter Oatmeal Brown Ale



Project Peche Belgian Pale Ale- 6% ABV-  Aged For 3 months in secondary use bourbon barrels with 21lbs of peaches.

Guilty Pleasure Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter- 8.6% ABV-  Imperial Porter with real peanut butter.

Devil Dog- Oatmeal Stout- 8.5% ABV-  Velvety and silky with flavors of coffee, roasted barley and chocolate. 

Blow Your Face Out Double IPA- 10.5% ABV-  Full of beautiful danky Mosaic Hops with flavors of stone fruit and pine


SBC Logo


Singapore IPA- 7% ABV- An Intensely aromatic IPA crafted with multiple hop varieties. Singapore IPA utilizes a full malt body which complements the hop bitterness leading to crisp and refreshing citrus flavor with a slight hint of pine. Named after the legendary Lake Michigan ghost town of Singapore, formerly located near Saugatuck, this once thriving lumber town was gradually buried by dune erosion in the late 1880’s.

Neapolitan Milk Stout- 6% ABV- A perfect blend of classic dry stout character with brilliant flavors of Neapolitan Ice Cream. Experience the nostalgic flavors of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry all in one glass – because sometimes ice cream just isn’t enough.

Reverent Monk- 10% ABV- A traditional Belgian Tripel with complex flavors of clove, banana, and spicy esters. Deep yellow in color and medium bodied with a sweet finish.

Tweaked Scot-  5.5% ABV- Tweaked Scot is actually just our Imposter Scot with massive amounts of coffee added. Very malty flavors are paired with a robust and strong coffee flavor and aroma with minimal hop presence.

Snow Wizard- 7% ABV-  An Oak Aged Imperial Brown Ale with tons of oaky, woody flavors. The base brown malt profile provides a huge caramel, coffee and chocolate body with minimal hop bitterness match perfectly with the complex flavor profile of the oak chips.

Rare Beer:
BBA Blueberry Maple Stout– Our Blueberry Maple Stout aged in bourbon barrels.



Smashed Blueberry- 9% ABV- A hybrid between a Porter and a Scotch Ale, this beer has a rich mouth feel and a body of complex intensity.  Up front, there are notes of coffee and chocolate; beautifully accentuated by the aroma of blueberries.  The finish features a delicate balance of sweet fruit and dry hops.  To fully experience all the flavors, this beer is best enjoyed at 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

Barrel Aged Smashed Pumpkin- 12% ABV- Barrel aged for over 100 days. Oak spiced with hints of vanilla nutmeg and cinnamon.

Chocolate Milk Stout- 5.4% ABV- Chocolate Milk Stout is a creamy sessionable ale with notes of roasted chocolate malt and a rich, dark chocolate sweetness contributed by the cocoa nubs.

Blue Paw- 4.6% ABV- Fruit ale. Subtle fruit flavor with fresh Maine wild blueberries.



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Spruce Pilsner- 10.4% ABV- Spruce Pilsner is an Imperial Pilsner, fermented with local, hand-picked blue spruce tips. The spruce presence, rooted in historical brewing practices, is enormous and gives the beer a refreshing gin quality. This beer is impressively light-bodied, considering the immense spruce flavors and the prodigious additions of hops.

Space Rock- 5% ABV- Space Rock is a light-bodied American Pale Ale with prominent floral and orange peel-like hop aromas. Only the slightest grainy malt qualities are detectable, as assertive bitter flavors of citrus rind and dandelion leaf take hold. The finish lingers with a waning bitterness that’s not overly dry. All Space Rock packaged on or after 8/1/2015 is proven to be gluten removed. Space Rock sold on tap may contain trace amounts of gluten from beer poured previously.

Good Humans- 9.15% ABV- Good Humans was originally created to showcase one of Briess Malting Company’s new malt varieties. Originally planned as a one-off beer, it quickly became a favorite brew. Good Humans is a Double Brown Ale made with Carabrown Malt and dry hopped with Simcoe and Golding hops. The brew has sweet malty esters that are met by huge toasted caramel and toffee flavors. The finish is dry with a bouquet of hops.

Cup A Joe- 8% ABV- Cup A Joe Coffee Creme Stout uses Higher Grounds roasted fair trade espresso beans in every facet of the brewing process. Prominent aromatics of malt, espresso, and cocoa are abundant, and there are robust flavors of cream and coffee. This is the perfect morning night capper.

Hopstache- 6.75% ABV- Hopstache is an American IPA. Made with Amarillo, Citra, and Simcoe hops, this beer has aromas of dank citrus and pine. An initial sweetness is balanced with flavors of grapefruit and zest. The finish is intense and dank with little bitterness. 

Bourbon Goodnight Bodacious- 9% ABV- Goodnight Bodacious has the maltiness of a barleywine and the hoppiness of an India Pale Ale. A rich, hoppiness dominates the aroma, with earthy and loamy scents. A medium body presents big, bitter black barley and roasted coffee flavors, with subtle compliments of dark fruit and green hops. Strong alcohol flavors and pleasant warming qualities become more noticeable as the beer approaches room temperature. Aged in Bourbon Barrels.

Rare Beer:
RUN– 8%  ABV- Sour Stout aged in a mix of Two James Rye Whiskey barrels and Madeira casks fermented with dried orange and (local) dried cherry. 



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Rainmaker Ale–  6% ABV- Our flagship beer. A classic Belgian Pale Ale with malt and hops balanced squarely in the middle. Goes great with everything on our menu. Bronze Medal winner in the 2014 Great American Beer Festival competition, Belgian-Style Blonde Ale or Pale Ale category. Brewed with northern Michigan grown hops.

Whiled Away- 6.3% ABV- A Belgian IPA brewed with Cascade, Centennial, and Chinook hops.

Gerald’s Talking Dog- 7.8% ABV-A rye based Belgian Dubbel fermented with a blend of Michigan sweet and tart cherries. Gerald’s dog loves cherries. They’re all he talks about.

Sonja- 7% ABV- Belgian Dark Ale with raspberries and chocolate.


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Enigma- 9.5% ABV- Double IPA brewed with brown sugar and Columbus, Cascade, Centennial and Simcoe hops.

Prehistoric Rhetoric- 8.5% ABV- Old Ale with molasses.


Rum Barrel Aged Dark Testimony- 12% ABV-  Russian Imperial Stout aged 6 months in Rum Barrels.

Gin Barrel Aged Mr. Orange- 5.5% ABV- Belgian Wit aged in Gin barrels with lime.

Cyril Figgis- 7% ABV- Winter Warmer brewed with figs.

Amother One- 5.5% ABV- Amber Ale with good balance.




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Country Strong IPA- 7% ABV- Our house IPA showcases assertive Simcoe hop flavor and aroma.

Docks No No DIPA– 9% ABV- House double IPA, made with honey and a single hop varietal.

Black Betsy Coffee Stout– 5.8% ABV- An American stout brewed with cold-steeped coffee from Rowster.

The Goat Curse- 10% ABV- Winter Warmer spiced Ale with sasparilla, coriander, and cloves.






Bonobo Chardonnay- 13.5% ABV- This Chardonnay was designed with food in mind. We put this wine together exclusively to the idea that you need a wine which can go with anything. Whether it be the daily special or a range of meats and seafood, this wine has the perfect balance of oak, vibrant acidity and fruit to complement.

Bonobo Red- 14.4% ABV- Bonobo Red was designed as a full bodied red to pair with any meal. Notes of earthy Cabernet Franc pour from the glass. The Merlot adds dusty oak aromas and fruit and the Syrah adds just a bit of fruit forward weight and complexity. This is a great everyday red wine for all occasions, so fire up that grill or order in that pizza. Your perfect table red awaits!





Bot Hop- 6.5% ABV- Vivid citrus and floral notes characteristic of these choice centennial hops boost an already delicious apple elixir.

Boo Cherry- 6.5% ABV- Dry, crisp apple cider fused with montmorency cherries bring a balanced attack, firing tart and subtly sweet and spicy notes at your taste buds!

Prairie Poet- 7.2% ABV- Bourbon barrel hard cider.


Evil Twins– 6% ABV-  Evil Twins mead brings together two great flavors loved the world over, but especially here in Michigan. The zip of ginger, the sweetness of our beloved Northern Michigan cherries, and of course, the honey from our sister company Sleeping Bear Farms.

XR Cyser– 6% ABV-  XR Cyser is a fermented beverage that is made from apple cider and honey. More than just cider and honey, this cyser mead is crafted from only the finest Northern Michigan spy apples, blended with our very own Star Thistle honey and maple syrup, and spiced up with a dash of cinnamon. The result? It’s a mead, but it’s also “Apple Pie in a Glass”.

Black Madonna– 6% ABV- This lightly carbonated mead is a blend of honey, blackberry, and sour fermentation. Our gluten-free blackberry mead is a modern craft beverage featuring strong honey notes and a unique sour blackberry flavor.

John Lemon Draft Mead- 6% ABV- They say I’m a funny one. Something of a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I’m delightfully simple lemon and honey- but I leave a lasting impression.

Razz! Draft Mead- 6% ABV- ” Locked in the lab on a stormy night, working on a new raspberry mead, a storm blew it from Lake Michigan- and then- a bolt!- a bolt of sour flavor! Our latest and greatest draft was born, in a flash of sour inspiration.




Pulsar- 6.9% ABV- Pulsar is a semi-dry cider, golden in color with soft fruit and white wine-like aromas. Mildly acidic, this cider has a bright and tangy sweetness that dries the palate into a warming finish.

Erraticus 7- 5.8% ABV- Erraticus 7 is a wild cider fermented with Michigan apples and aged on Northern Michigan Blue Spruce tips. Light straw in color with a slight haze, Erraticus 7 smells of bright apple, farmhouse funk, and crisp spruce. Farmhouse and apple flavors up front lead into complementary pine flavors before a dry and slightly tart finish. Overall, Erraticus 7 is well balanced and very drinkable.




Apple- 6.5% ABV- Semi-Dry. Our Uncle John’s Traditional Apple Hard Cider is fresh & crisp. Its light sparkling body is slightly acidic but well balanced with a fresh apple taste and hints of spice found naturally in the apples. This flagship cider is highly-awarded and perfectly balanced.

Apple Cherry- 6.5% ABV- Semisweet Blush. The base starts as our Uncle John’s fresh apple cider which we ferment and blend with orchard fresh Michigan Cherry Juice. This carbonated blush is a perfect balance of sweet & tart flavors, but finishes mellow with subtle hints of cherry blossom. This is a great product to lead into the new market with.

Apple Blueberry- 6.5% ABV- Semisweet Blush. Our sweetest cider, but not too sweet.  The balance of our crisp Apple blended with sweet blueberry juice showcases the elegant flavors of ripe blueberries and finishes soft on your palette.  This is a perfect beverage for a new cider drinker.

Cranberry Apple- 6.5% ABV- Semi-Dry. A sweet/tart blend of our traditional Apple with the addition of cranberry juice.  This carbonated blush has a sweet/tart flavor making it a perfect holiday treat!  Available November-February.

*List is subject to change without notice.